September 16

Episode 01: The Most Likely Reasons Your Business Isn’t Growing


Is your business stuck in a rut and unable to grow? Would you like some practical tips to help you get unstuck and on target with your revenue goals?

In this podcast episode, Mike and Rhonda discuss the most common barriers that block your path to growth, and how you can remove them.

As a bonus, they talk about the unique challenges COVID-19 has posed to several businesses who’ve found their workforce suddenly disconnected and working from home.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • How to fix issues with your recruiting process in order to find good people
  • How to retain good people longer, so you’re not continually wasting time and resources on candidates who aren’t a good fit
  • How to juggle the ever-changing COVID-19 guidelines and the challenges of working remotely


  • “Recruiting has definitely been a big challenge that a lot of people have been stuck on.” – Rhonda Beard
  • “Retention. Once you get good people in, you certainly want to keep them, because it takes so much time and effort to recruit good people.” – Rhonda Beard

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