Business coaching

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Business Coaching & Consulting

Helping Growth-Minded Leaders Navigate Complexities

Own your business — don't let it own you. Our expert coaches help you navigate growth.

You Shouldn't Face Challenges Alone

Your situation may feel unique because it's new to you — but there are proven methods that can help you overcome just about anything. 

Don't be unprepared. Don't feel overwhelmed. 

Our experienced coaches are here to guide you.

Take Control of Your Business

Build Confidence

You don't have to go through each day questioning if you're making the right choices.

Save time

You won't navigate change through trial and error — you can lean on our experience.

save money

Don't lose money to guessing games — utilize proven processes that get results.

Your Guide

We help you calm the chaos & conquer challenges

  • Decades of experience helping business leaders
  • Hundreds of challenges successfully conquered
  • In the trenches with businesses of all sizes

Mike is someone who not only works well with people, he understands organizations. He has a knack for getting to the bottom of things. He can think fast in a crisis and is rarely "rattled" by tension or conflict. In fact, he is at his best in helping to resolve such situations.

Tyler Downing

Mike is a great leader, teacher, student and friend! His leadership skills and ability to adapt to diverse situations have always impressed me. I have always known Mike to attack projects and issues professionally and compassionately, even in tough circumstances.

Randy Waskul

I've never known anyone with such a perfect combination of skill, experience, compassion, and raw talent. If you have the opportunity to work with Bench Builders, you should take it! From the workshop to the day-to-day business troubleshooting, they know how to cut through the chaos and get results.

Christina Hooper

Mike is the real deal. He helped me mentally prepare for the difficult conversation I needed to have to sever a business relationship with a long-time contact. I was supported in advance of the conversation as he helped me to consider all the angles, how to avoid burning a bridge, and I felt well prepared to make a graceful exit. On the day it took place, Mike even called to check in on me. We haven’t been working together for very long, yet I already feel completely supported and like I have a coach who has got my back. I’m looking forward to carrying on with his insightful approach to helping me get “unstuck”.

Sue Steckle, MBA, MSc

A comprehensive system to get results

Get Started...

Find out if our coaches can help your business in just 3 simple steps


Request a Free Coaching Call

This non-sales call helps us chat about what you need and what we do to see if we're a match.


Build a Plan

We'll develop a step-by-step Execution Plan to give you an exact blueprint for success.


Execute the Plan

We'll be with you every step of the way to ensure that your plan goes — well, according to plan.


Do I really need a business coach?

Honestly — we all could use help to get things accomplished. You can't always see what to fix when you're right in the middle of it. Plus, you only have your own experiences to guide you.

Our business coaches have worked with dozens of businesses and helped them navigate challenges successfully. They bring experience that can help you avoid guessing games and wasting time trying to find solutions.

Are coaches basically business therapists? I don't want to talk about how I feel about things — I want solutions.

Our goal as a business coach is primarily about helping you get through challenges, put processes in place that strengthen your business, and enable you to grow.

However, many people do think that having a coach is therapeutic. They have someone to lean on and talk with instead of leading from the top in a bubble. Plus, as their business improves, their stress levels improve. They find their days are more enjoyable and they have more time to spend doing things they love.

How do your coaches actually impact my bottom line?

Success starts at the top. We work with your business owners, leaders, and managers to strengthen your leadership skills, build confidence, instill processes, and help you motivate and retain top talent. 

As your leaders get stronger, your company runs better, and you grow — it's that simple.

Do I need a long engagement to see results?

It depends on the results that you want to achieve and how far away from them you are currently. If you have a specific project — like a merger — that needs to be finalized in a few months, then you might only need our help for a few months.

However, if your goal is to put into place processes and training that will help you grow over time, you might need a longer engagement.

The Get Unstuck & On Target Workshop

Move Forward With Confidence

  1. Do you struggle with constant challenges?
  2. Would you like your team to get on board with solutions?
  3. Do you need a proven method to get results?

Then our workshop might be a good fit for you...