October 1

Episode 03: Get Your Business Unstuck With Gratitude


Do you often feel stuck in your professional or personal life? Would you like to learn how practicing gratitude can change your life and grow your business?

In this podcast episode, we interviewed the owner of WorkzbeEmily Elrod — to learn how you can get your business unstuck with gratitude.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • How practicing gratitude reduces your stress levels and increases your life expectancy by 17%
  • How practicing gratitude and seeking help from others can get you unstuck
  • Tactical tips to help you practice gratitude more often


  • “I think the gratitude I have for people and their ability to help me in times of need is something that’s so amazing, and what I call a blessing.” – Emily Elrod
  • “We are very blessed, but sometimes we miss that blessing by things that we overlook.” – Emily Elrod

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