October 8

Episode 04: Get Your Business Unstuck by Living Outside Your Comfort Zone


In this podcast episode, Bench Builders host, Mike O’Neill, interviewed Company Culture Consultant — Kristen Mashburn — who’s been a guest on our show before. In this interview, you’ll learn how to step outside of your comfort zone to improve your professional and personal life.

Podcast Guest:  Kristen Mashburn, Company Culture Consultant

In This Episode, We Discuss…

  • How we grow too comfortable in a field we’re currently in and grow stagnant, preventing us from using our skills to their fullest potential or developing new ones that could help further advance our careers.
  • Not letting yourself get lost within the identity of someone or something else.
  • How it would be best if you allowed time before your transition so that you may begin it with full earnest.
  • You must be willing to conquer and work through and rationalize your fears to progress your business.
  • How denial, lack of self-esteem, and lack of self-awareness can hold you and your business back.


  • ‘If you are wanting to start a business, particularly one essentially selling yourself, you can not be afraid to move towards fear’ – Kristen Mashburn
  • ‘Am I afraid of this because it’s the right decision or am I afraid because my intuition knows it’s the wrong one?’ – Kristen Mashburn
  • ‘If people see quality, skill, and value in you then you are qualified to do that work’ – Kristen Mashburn

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