February 2

Episode 108: How Ditching Your Sales Script Can Significantly Increase Conversions


In today’s episode, Mike talks with Simmi Sehra – a sales coach whose ideal client is an introvert, just like herself. She has a unique approach that she’s going to share with you.

Simmi Sehra’s Biography

I’m a Sales & Business Coach, Story Strategist, and former Investment Banker & I work with introverted service entrepreneurs, consultants, and coaches to help them easily communicate their unique value and create absolutely YES clients with zero ickiness using my proprietary selling system “Blissful Selling”

Blissful Selling is Simmi’s high-level high-touch coaching program that provides maximum results in the shortest amount of time so you can start connecting with your best clients as quickly as possible without any hard sell tactics.

Her proprietary selling system is based on neuro-semantic influence strategies and the age-old art of story-telling blended with her decade-long experience in presenting pitches to investors for raising equity for companies to ensure you get the right tools:

  • To understand how someone behaves when they want to buy something and why it’s so important for a sale
  • To learn behavioral skills that makes people trust you, reach out to you & want to buy from you
  • To easily honor sales objections and sell at a premium with zero ickiness
  • To create compelling content that captivates your prospects and makes them feel heard – WITHOUT you needing to be exceptionally great at writing
  • To do sales conversations without ever needing a script AND still closing 90% of your leads
  • To position the unique value that differentiates you from the general and helps you stand out from the competition
  • To get rid of limiting beliefs such as “Not good enough”, “Not deserving”, “Feeling like an Imposter”, “Battling with Perfectionism” and “Fear of Criticism, Rejection, and Showing Up”

Questions in This Episode

  • Can you tell us, as an introvert, how did you end up getting in sales?
  • How did you end up figuring out how to be good at sales when it wasn’t coming naturally to you and felt icky?
  • What is it that organizations need to ditch the sales scripts?
  • Sales conversations are just that, conversations, so they should be relaxed like what we’re doing right now on this episode, is that correct?
  • How do you help your clients reframe what sales is and what it’s not? To help them develop that capability and mindset?
  • What do you find that most of your clients struggle with when it comes to sales?
  • How do you help them with that big obstacle as a coach?
  • Can you share an example of how someone was getting stuck and how they overcame it?
  • What major takeaways do you want someone to have?

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