October 22

Episode 06: Tips to Increase Sales from Steve Hillis


Are you struggling to maintain sales and keep your salesforce motivated and on target? The pandemic caused sales team members to feel uncomfortable with reaching out to customers and continue doing business.

In this podcast episode, Steve Hillis, the CEO of Empower Partners, discusses the unique challenges sales team leaders face thanks to COVID, and under normal circumstances. 

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • The characteristics of a good salesperson
  • How to hold your salesforce accountable 
  • The benefits and controversy of implementing a CRM
  • Tips for training your salesforce
  • How to lead and motivate your sales team effectively
  • How to deal with procrastination and distractions


  • “People buy from people they like and trust. It’s not really about the product, or the price, or the service in most cases. It’s more about relationships.” – Steve Hillis, CEP of Empower Partners
  • “One of the hardest parts of managing a salesforce is holding them accountable.” – Steve Hillis, CEP of Empower Partners
  • “To get unstuck, I think we need to find ways to develop more discipline around our schedule.” – Steve Hillis, CEP of Empower Partners

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