October 15

Episode 05: Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking with Brenden Kumarasamy


In this episode of the Get Unstuck and On Target Podcast, Mike O’Neill interviews a communications expert to discover the secret to overcoming the fear of public speaking. 

Listen in as Brenden Kumarasamy, CEO and founder of MasterTalk gives actionable tips to help you overcome your fear.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • Where our fear of public speaking comes from
  • How to overcome anxiety caused by the fear of public speaking
  • Actionable tips to becoming a better public speaker


“The fear of public speaking has nothing to do with us, but rather, everything to do with the system in which we grew up learning it in the first place. We’re taught that public speaking is a chore. It’s a responsibility. If you’re at school, it’s tied to a grade. If you’re at work, it’s tied to a result and failure has consequences.” – Brenden Kumarasamy

“You get hired on what you do. You get promoted on who you are and what you stand for and where you want to take the company.” – Brenden Kumarasamy

“We all know that the foundational element of communication is this ability to pause, to emphasize specific parts of our message, to drive impact, and to drive takeaways that matter for the projects and the opportunities that we’re currently working on.” – Brenden Kumarasamy

“The geniuses of our society — the people who are really stand out — are the people who are able to digest everyone’s perspectives and pick the right direction forward. If all you do is feed yourself the perspectives you already believe in, you’re not learning anything.” – Brenden Kumarasamy

“The person you should be learning from is the person that you disagree with the most. That is how you’re going to get better over time.” – Brenden Kumarasamy

“The lesson is not are you an introvert or are you an extrovert. It doesn’t matter. The more important question to ask is are you willing to learn from the other.” – Brenden Kumarasamy

“The number one thing you should be doing besides communication is building a personal brand and being a thought leader yourself in your own space.” – Brenden Kumarasamy

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