Your Growth Blocker In A Nutshell...

At the most fundamental level, a business cannot exist without its people. However, it’s not uncommon to hear business owners say … “if it weren’t for the “people”, I’d love running my business”.

You're not hiring the right people - Having trouble finding good employees and struggling to get new employees up-to-speed quickly?

You're not developing your supervisors - Supervisors may not be able to clearly communicate expectations & build team trust. Your leaders may not have the appropriate people-skills needed to execute strategy, and effectively address unacceptable behavior.

You're not keeping your top performers - ask yourself... do your employees feel valued? Do your leaders respect their employees? In turn, are you supervisors and managers respected by their employees?

The most common “people problem” is poor employee engagement

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment your employees have to your company.

When employees are engaged, they care about your company, and they do their best work to achieve company goals.

Engaged employees are more productive, customer-focused, and profitable.

What You Need To Focus On Now

Based on the very limited information you provided in the assessment, I would suggest that you start working on adding the following items...

Employee Turnover

Know how much employee turnover is costing your company every year. The average cost to replace an hourly employee in 2021 was $27,099. How does your company compare? Understand what is causing your employee turnover and know how to fix it.

Employee Engagement

Conduct an employee engagement survey to gather insights into what is important to your employees. Encourage better work-life balance to increase employee engagement and lower turnover.

Effective Meetings

Teach your leaders how to run effective meetings that don’t suck.

Mike O'Neill

Founder, Bench Builders

Why Do These Results Matter?

Because with this information you are on your way to dealing with your #1 growth blocker and building a better manufacturing company. 

Hi - I’m Mike O'Neill, and I created this assessment to help you uncover what's holding your company back from growing and scaling in a way that makes you happy.

Over the last 40 years I've worked with clients from small to Fortune 500 manufacturing companies around the world as they scaled their companies quickly, building my knowledge of how to create the right recipe for success and learning how to pivot and avoid potential problems.

I have identified that there are 3 main areas of problems - people, process and planning.

And that led me to create this assessment, so you can get clarity about your primary growth blocker and leverage that knowledge to break down barriers and scale the way you want.


Ready to Take the Next Step?

If anything I've shared with you in your results made you think "it's time to do something..." then I want to extend a couple of invitations to you for how I can help you get back on the path of scaling faster & smarter.

  • Executive Coaching - We work one-on-one with your executive team and teach them to be more strategic, effective, and self-aware as leaders.
  • Training - We work with your managers to improve their people skills, become better communicators, and stay compliant.
  • Strategic Planning - We take a close look at your systems and processes and show you how to increase profits, raise employee morale and increase productivity.

Go ahead and book a free consultation with me. I can't guarantee that we're going to be the best fit to work together. But, what I can guarantee is that you're going to leave with something actionable and it will be well worth your time.

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