Webinar #9 – May 21, 2020

Hosted by Mike O'Neill & Rhonda Beard with Expert Panelist Mike Lieberman from Square 2.

This Week:

  • Mike Lieberman will offer helpful tips on how to effectively market and sell in this COVID environment. He'll talk about how you can use tools like video, content creation, social media, and your website to help keep your business riding the curve higher.
  • We will also address timely HR topics including the increased importance of training managers during challenging times.

Questions and Answers

We have a small marketing team and are actively rolling out an account-based marketing strategy this year. Can you share best practices for getting started for SMB’s like us?

  • Proactively marketing with specific leads
  • Make sure you identify correct companies and the right contact within those companies
  • Need different approach and personalized content for different roles – CFO, CEO, VP of Sales
  • May be difficult to reach by phone right now if they are not working in their office – may need social marketing avenue
  • First need to connect and then engage. The more individualized the content, the more engaged they will likely be
  • Make sure to train your sales staff in how to effectively market and sell in this way

Mike Lieberman’s complete response can be found at the 23:43 mark on the Webinar Recording

Should HR departments work more closely with their marketing departments right now to improve internal messaging?

  • Need a communication plan with employees – communicate everything you can as soon as you can
  • Multiple communication methods – Group text, email, phone calls, small group meetings, handouts
  • While not as busy, put together attractive external employer branding
  • Make sure that the website appeals to future candidates

Mike Lieberman’s complete response can be found at the 34:55 mark on the Webinar Recording

We haven’t put much emphasis on marketing pre-COVID. Where do you recommend starting if we don’t have much of an online presence yet?

  • “Even the longest journey starts with a single step” - Just get started
  • Look at your website – first experience prospects will see
  • What story does your website tell? Will the content make them want to look around more?
  • Create quality educational content and put it on your website
  • Keep adding, adjusting, improving your content
  • Include employee testimonials that will attract potential candidates

Mike Lieberman’s complete response can be found at the 40:01 mark on the Webinar Recording

Would Mike be able to give some advice on sales & marketing during this time when we are not actually selling a product but a service? Working in staffing where we would typically make a lot of in-person sales calls, drop-ins, and lunch invites. Now we are kind of stuck in our offices?

  • Touchpoints you used to do in person – figure out how to do it virtually
  • In-person meetings can be done through zoom or video conference
  • Have companies record short videos of an office tour, work stations to show candidates
  • Send materials or something catchy to potential clients

Mike Lieberman’s complete response can be found at the 45:32 mark on the Webinar Recording

I’ve been hesitant to call on customers nearing the end of their contracts. I’ve felt it’s a bad time to ask people to make extended commitments. Thoughts on go or hold off?

  • Have multiple options for clients – more flexibility
  • Shorter contract is better than No contract
  • Offer discount for a longer term contract

Mike Lieberman’s complete response can be found at the 55:07 mark on the Webinar Recording

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