Webinar #20 – Aug 13, 2020

Hosted by Mike O'Neill & Rhonda Beard with Expert Panelist Rachel Druckenmiller, Founder & CEO of Unmuted

We discussed a lot with Rachel and Rhonda in this Q&A, including: 

  • It's important to accept reality instead of resisting it. Resisting your circumstances takes so much energy. 
  • Be intentional on how you spend your energy each day. Use selective sifting to put your focus on the good things — the blessings that happen each day — and keep your mindset positive.
  • Use your voice to ask for help. Don't let pride stop you from reaching out to others and getting the help you need.

Here are the articles that Rachel mentioned in the webinar:

Rachel also has a lot of great information on her blog, so definitely check that out.

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