Webinar #17 – July 23, 2020

Hosted by Mike O'Neill & Rhonda Beard with Expert Panelist Melissa Gratias, Productivity Expert

In talking with Melissa, we learned:

  • We'll have accomplished a cultural shift to work from home in 6 months that would have taken a generation to happen. This isn't going to go back to the pre-COVID environment.
  • Concerns include: wasting time, lower engagement, lower productivity, fewer coaching/development opportunities, expense of setting of home offices, importance of "face time", and importance of in-person monitoring for performance management.
  • There are real cost savings to letting people work from home. Office spaces can be eliminated or reduced and additional technology needs are inexpensive.
  • You can measure productivity the same way you normally would. In America, 85% of workers are "fully productive" working from home.

and much more!

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