Real Tactical Advice for Team Leaders without the Fluff & Nonsense

Field Guide to Managing Humans

We designed this eBook specifically for busy managers that need a quick reference for managing people effectively.

Mike O'Neill

Mike O'Neill - Managing Principal

A Tactical Field Guide to Managing Humans is the companion resource you've been looking for. It's filled with all the core concepts that you need to master to be an effective team leader — but it's purposefully designed to be quick and easy to read. We want to give you a quick reference for specific situations you'll encounter every day.

A Look Inside

11 Chapters designed to help you become a better leader.


How to Maximize Workforce Productivity

Learn strategies that will help you boost your team's performance so you can get more work done in less time with less resources.


Learn How to Overcome Team Dysfunctions

When your team members can't work together it hinders productivity and leads to increased turnover. Learn how to stop dysfunction before it hurts your team.


How to Inspire Greatness in Your Team

You want employees to care about the results of their work. We'll show you how to turn mediocre employees into team members that are driven to succeed.


Top Conflict Resolution Tactics

Even a well-oiled team will have breakdowns. You need to learn how to resolve conflicts before they escalate and keep your team focused on moving forward.


Build Crucial Communication Skills

Sometimes it can feel like managing adults is similar to herding toddlers. We're going to show you some simple communication skills that you can use to make your life easier and get the results you want from your team.


Learn Effective Daily Habits

There's a reason that every master or guru in their industry has a list of daily habits that they live by — they work. We'll show you some of the top habits you can quickly apply to help you improve your own life.


Time Management Strategies That Work

There are never enough hours in a day. You are overworked and pulled in too many directions every day. Let us show you how to start managing your time so you can be productive too.


Learn How to Identify Your Own Strengths

It can be easy to undervalue your own contributions to the team. You need to be able to identify what you do well and what areas you can improve on.


How to Implement Continuous Improvement Cycles

Making changes to improve your management techniques and your team's productivity isn't going to magically improve everything overnight. You need to build a system of continuous improvement where you can focus on getting better over time.


Establish Consistent Talent Acquisition Strategies

As you grow, you'll inevitably need to add to your team. You might even find that you need to replace some employees to reach your goals. We'll show you how to find the right people for the roles that you need.


How to Minimize Turnover

Finding and training a new employee is time-consuming and expensive. We want to show you how to build up the team you have in place so you can focus on improving instead of replacing employees.