Employee Well-Being: Is Your Company Doing Enough?

by Mike O'Neill

As a business leader, you may be worried about your employee’s well-being because you notice trends with your employees that affect productivity, morale, creativity, and overall happiness and health.

  • Is your company doing all it can to support your employees? 
  • Would your employees benefit from a program that focuses on their well-being?
  • What is the cost versus the benefits?

Studies show that the benefits far outweigh the costs, and employees appreciate companies that offer more programs to support their well-being. 

While all employers may not want to invest more into supporting their employee’s overall well-being, research has shown that employees' expectations have changed following the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Businesses today understand the importance of their employee’s health and well-being and are up-leveling their programs to match the needs of their employees. At Bench Builders,  we have helped many companies like yours adjust to these changing times. We will work with you to find the best combination of tools, programs, and custom strategies to get results.

In this article, we will share signs to be looking for and explore the benefits of putting a well-being program in place. An employee wellness program will benefit not only your employees’ overall health and happiness, but also your business.

Signs That Your Employees Would Benefit From  a  Program Focused on Improving Their Well-Being

As a business leader, it is crucial to notice the signs that your team is having challenges. When people are struggling emotionally, physically, or mentally, it affects functionality, mood, creativity, and participation. Seeing these trends will tell you it is time to make an adjustment or offer more support to your employees.

Sign #1. Employees Are Out Sick

Some employees are often out sick and would benefit from a program that supports healthier eating and exercise.

Sign #2. Morale Is Low

Poor attitudes, gossip, poor performance and productivity, and missing deadlines are signs of low morale. 

Sign #3. Health Care Costs

Unhealthy, unhappy employees have more visits to the doctor and more health issues from weight gain, depression, illness, and more. 

Sign #4. Higher Turnover

People leaving at a high rate means you spend more time and money hiring and training new employees. 

Sign #5. Health Issues

Employees feel stressed, have emotional, mental, and physical health issues that affect the ability of employees to be productive, creative, happy, and thriving on the job. 

With the proper training and resources, your Human Resource Department can support your employees to help with these issues and offer a broader range of wellness support programs. 

The Benefits of Offering a Well-Being Program To Your Employees and The Positive Impact on Your Business

There are many positive benefits to investing in programs, activities, and support systems that your Human Resource Department can offer your employees. The overall well-being of your employees directly impacts their productivity, creativity, happiness, and health and a direct impact on the success of your business.

Benefit #1. Healthier Lifestyle

Behaviors and lifestyles will be healthier as participation in non-work-related activities strengthen relationships, increase exercise, boost morale, self-confidence, and happiness. Healthy eating and healthy mindsets directly correlate with employee productivity levels.

Benefit #2. Decreased Health Care Costs

Studies show that health care costs decrease when companies invest in health and wellness programs. Employees appreciate when the company they work for offers programs to support their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Benefit #3. Decreased Absenteeism

Calling in sick or for personal reasons decreases because employees are happier, healthier, and feel cared about by their company.

Benefit #4. Improvement In Overall Performance and Morale

Happier and healthier employees are more energetic, productive, and creative resulting in better business output. Having good morale in the work environment will boost productivity and creativity, improve interpersonal dynamics, overall performance, and self-confidence.

Benefit #5. Improvement of Brain Function 

Exercise is proven to increase endorphins in the brain that improve mood, which improves productivity, participation, and relationships both at work and at home. 

Benefit #6. Improve The Relationship Between Your Business and Employees

Retention and recruitment of quality employees are higher when people feel valued by their company. Businesses thrive and grow faster because they do not have to train new employees and hire more skilled, capable people because the company is considered a quality employer.

As you can see, programs to support the well-being of your employees benefit them and your business. There is a direct correlation between happiness, health, and how we function daily.

Ways You Can Improve Your Employee’s Well-Being

Whether your employees are working remotely or in the office, there are many ways to offer support and encourage healthy habits and practices.  It shows employees that their company cares about them and they will appreciate it. When you invest in the health and happiness of your employees, they return the investment by being more productive, creative, and sticking around long term.

Improvement #1. Get in the Gym

Gym memberships are a great way to encourage employees to get active and stay healthy. Exercising is a perfect way to deal with stress, reduce weight gain, improve mental and emotional health, and build self-esteem.

Improvement #2. Flexible Hours

When possible, offer flexible hours and allow your team the freedom to have a schedule that works for them and your business.

Improvement #3. Ergonomic Office Equipment

Offer standing desks as an option as they help with lower back pain which is common for people who sit a lot. Ergonomic office furniture and alternative seating options will help employees be more comfortable while working. 

Improvement #4. Encourage  A Healthy Lifestyle

Have a designated Wellness Coordinator who develops programs and engages with your employees to address their needs. Offer workshops to help employees learn options for dealing with stress, emotional and mental wellness, and nutritional information for healthy eating habits. Providing healthy snacks will help improve mood and boost energy, and having easy access to drinking water will encourage water consumption. 

Improvement #5. Team Building Activities

Having a company sports team is a great team-building activity and also encourages exercise. Fun activities together outside of work help build a team mentality, create connection, build morale, rapport, and self-confidence. 

Improvement #6. Uplifting The Atmosphere In The WorkSpace 

Placing plants is an easy way to brighten and bring life to any space. Reduce clutter and keep areas clean to reduce overwhelm. 


Improvement #7. Clear Work Boundaries and Healthy Work Habits

Encourage a dedicated workspace for employees working from home. Ensure that all of your employees have a way to leave work and not be disturbed when they are not working. Encourage your employees to take a vacation and personal time off.

Checking in individually with your employees will help you know how to best support them and how they can best fill their roles in your business. As a leader, the role you play in helping your team in building a robust and resilient foundation is crucial. Understanding the psychological health of your employees and how to support them best will significantly impact your business. 

Imagine the difference if all the people who work for you participated in a comprehensive Employee Well-Being Program offered through your Human Resource Department.

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