Virtual Small Group Coaching, Is It Right for Your Company?

by Mike O'Neill

Keeping your team aligned with your company’s mission, values, and goals is just as important as keeping the team on top of the latest industry trends. You can send out basic information to your team in emails and company platforms, or you can proactively lead and coach your team by other means. When you’re trying to connect with your local or remote team, leveraging digital media to offer coaching opportunities can help to engage team members anytime, anywhere. 

Sure, you can schedule meetings with your team. But offering growth and coaching programs is much more intentional than the basic work meeting. You’re taking an active role in the development of your employees and your team. In providing development through coaching, employee performance and customer satisfaction will improve, burnout rates will drop, and your team will be able to work on using their specific strengths in the role they are in and places it would be most effective to do so. 

While in-person workshops and events are indispensable, there are countless benefits of virtual coaching for your team. This article will highlight several benefits virtual coaching could have for your team.

1. Virtual Coaching Offers Flexibility

Whether you’re working with a local or remote team, virtual coaching offers the flexibility that any team can benefit from. Geographical location is no longer an issue with virtual availability. Coaches, employers, and their teams are also detached from the generic scheduling restrictions and the hassle of scheduling meetings. Have a free hour alongside your team this week? Have a working Internet connection? Employee and team development in a virtual setting is more flexible and offers more options for a busy team on the go. 

2. Virtual Coaching Brings Financial Stability

Take into account the expenses associated with face-to-face conferences and other events. The time, resources, and budgeting required for an in-person event can be extensive, so why not take an alternative approach? When you’re looking into coaching opportunities for your team, top-rated virtual coaches may have more availability, cutting down on travel costs and more. 

3. Virtual Small Group Coaching is Effective

More flexibility and better matches with the proper development coaches and material means better outcomes for your team. Coaching requires trust, a strong/positive reputation, and cooperation. Effective, real matches with development coaches and material occur more naturally (and frequently) when these characteristics are intact. 

4. Virtual Coaching Increases Engagement

Factor in the trust and reputation seen with the effectiveness of virtual coaching. While there is often hesitancy in contributing to a virtual space, building trust with teams and virtual coaches from the get-go will help to increase employee engagement. 

When trust, flexibility, and effective coaching are available to employees, you will see an increase in positive responses from your team. When you provide your team with tools, opportunities, and constructive feedback, they’re more likely to stay engaged with the process and the rest of the team. You’ve invested in your team. Share your vision and communicate goals with your staff throughout the process, and you’ll keep their attention as well. 

5. Virtual Small Groups Allows for Program Expansion

Sometimes, employers find themselves restricted by the confinements of face-to-face meetings, scheduling, and more. With the availability of digital tools and virtual coaching, managers can offer more to their local and distributed teams. Virtual settings take the pressures of in-person scheduling restrictions off and allow for the expansion of time, resources, and programs available on a digital level. (And, if the trial run goes well, you can explore new program additions that may also benefit your team on a virtual level)

6. Virtual Coaching Builds Connections

Face-to-face settings force coworkers to build connections and maintain them in the workplace. From video calls and meetups to tools like Slack and Asana, the virtual space has so many tools available to help employees connect. When you have your team already engaged in virtual coaching sessions and team-building activities, team members will be more likely to reach out to one another to say hi or share thoughts and ideas between sessions. When you’re already using virtual communication in the workspace, your team will be more driven to use it on their own accord too. 

7. Virtual Coaching Brings a Higher Level of Responsiveness

Think about the office space. When something happens in the office or with a client, you need to meet quickly. Is the response time going to be what you are looking for? Will your team be able to respond at the drop of a hat and get to where you need them to be and on time? 

In the virtual space, the response time is *virtually* cut in half. Opportunities arise to respond quickly when last-minute calls or opportunities arise. Similarly, you can meet quickly for virtual coaching sessions in a way that face-to-face doesn’t offer. When last-minute virtual coaching sessions pop up, or your team needs it, the positive impact of a fast response time is key.

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