Learn How to Continue Leadership Training Virtually

by Mike O'Neill

Are your leaders working remotely? How can you continue to provide them with leadership training while working in a remote environment? These are some of the challenges that exist in this virtual environment. 

Leadership training is a critical strategy for employers because leaders are not born—they develop and grow over an extended period of time. The most successful leaders have taken years to become successful. We understand the difficulties with providing leadership training in a virtual environment and are here to help you navigate through some of these difficulties. 

We have helped many organizations with these same concerns through our management training experience. Our goal is to help you solve your virtual leadership training issues while partnering on the tools and strategies to make your organization successful.

What Is Leadership Training?

Leadership training allows skills to be developed by supervisors and managers. These skills are needed to manage a team or group successfully and aligned with the organization's goals. 

This training is composed of specialized courses where the leader learns techniques that may be new as well as updating anything previously learned. As trends in the marketplace change, training should also change accordingly. 

What Should Be Included In Leadership Training?

Leadership training is ongoing, it is not just one set of courses to never be revisited. Aspects of leadership training include communication, motivation, and coaching. These skills are critical to lead teams successfully and cohesively. Leadership training strives to transform a manager into a leader that teams trust and want to follow. 

Leadership Communication

To get things done promptly, safely, and efficiently leaders need to be excellent communicators. They need the tools to say the right things in the right way to achieve results. Communication done properly allows teams to understand, remain engaged in their work, and feel like valuable organization members. 

Leadership Motivation

To be motivated, leaders need opportunities to learn and grow. The same goes for their employees and team members. Almost everyone wishes to increase their knowledge and opportunities. Providing leadership training in the area of motivation allows these leaders to determine what makes their team members tick and what makes team members feel valued and appreciated.

Leadership Coaching

It would be fantastic if all leaders could have a coach. Leadership coaching improves abilities and skills to help leaders and their teams meet organizational goals. Virtual leadership coaching can change potential into performance and performers into outstanding leaders. 

Providing Leadership Training Virtually

Providing leadership training virtually can be a challenge, but it is not impossible. Everything about our world has changed in the last eighteen months, and so has the way we all do business. Training is no different, it is still necessary, and with a bit of ingenuity, virtual leadership training can be quite successful. 

#1. In House “Live” Virtual Leadership Courses

If there are specific leadership programs within your organization that you can offer, this is the first place to begin. Some of this leadership training may be communicating processes specific to your organization. 

This type of training may often come from human resources, finance, or IT. For example, if the processes are changing for invoices, the finance department will likely be in charge of these changes and the associated training. 

#2. Video Conference With Leaders

Video conference capabilities such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more have proven to be invaluable resources in this virtual environment. Rather than gathering your leaders in a conference room, they are gathered in a virtual conference room. 

Video conferencing has improved dramatically in the last year with features such as conference recording, break-out rooms, participant entry approval, and other capabilities. Surely the various software companies will continue to enhance their products to meet the growing needs of the virtual workplace.

#3. One-On-One Video Conference

When working in-house rather than virtually, it is critical to have one-on-one meetings with leaders in your organization. The process is similar with your leaders working virtually. However, instead of meeting them in person, you utilize a video conferencing program to achieve the same goal. 

One-on-one conferences with your leaders allows you to meet the specific goals of the individual. Goals as a collective whole for your leaders may not be as micro-focused as one-on-one conferences. 

#4. Online Digital Leadership Training Packages

There are online leadership training packages that are less focused on your specific needs but potentially valuable for generalized leadership training. This type of training is typical with an online program where you journey through a host of slides, including detailed training, questions and answers, and a certificate of completion.

This type of training may be helpful for general leadership needs such as diversity training, anti-discrimination training, and more. 

#5. Outsourced “Live” Virtual Leadership Courses

Outsourced virtual leadership courses can occur over a video conferencing platform and through a company such as Bench Builders. We can meet the needs on a more individualized basis. This type of training involves tailoring the training to the needs of your organization.

We can help you create a customized leadership training plan to include coaching. The benefit of outsourcing is partnering with an organization specializing in providing the services needed allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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