True or False? Most wait until the New Year to begin their job search?

by Mike O'Neill

False. Most folks are not waiting until after the holidays to begin their job search. According to Gallup, a staggering 51% of U.S. employees are actively looking now.

Today’s workforce knows what’s important to them and isn’t going to settle. Employees are willing to look and keep looking for a company thats mission and culture reflect and reinforce their values. As the job market continues to heat up, employees have been feeling increasingly optimistic about what they’re finding.

With more people on the job hunt, you must hone your attraction strategies so you can more effectively recruit and hire sought-after candidates. You also have to ensure that your retention strategies are sound.

As a leader, you must decide what role you want to play in your organization. You can be a passive bystander or active participant in creating and guiding an exceptional workplace.

Gallup’s top three recommendations are:

1. Select The Right People.

2. Develop Employee’s Strengths.

3. Enhance Employee’s Wellbeing.


Finding the right employees & managers is essential to your company’s financial outcomes. Select people who have the potential to be top performers and actively promote employees with the talent to boost employee engagement.


It is not enough to put the right people in the right jobs. You must invest in your employee’s greatest talents to optimize their performance. Building employee’s strengths is a far more effective approach than trying to improve weaknesses.


By creating a culture of wellbeing in your workplaces, you not only help your employees become more engaged, you also help them thrive. Employees don’t expect to be offered every benefit & perk out there, but a handful of programs or amenities are important to them. But the most meaningful ones aren’t the rock climbing walls and unlimited beverages. The benefits & perks that employees truly care about offer them greater flexibility, autonomy and the ability to lead a better life.


Source: State of the American Workforce. Gallup (2017)


Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.

– Michael Jordon

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