Top HR Trends in 2019

by Mike O'Neill

I was originally drawn to HR because no two days are alike. However, a few trends appear to be taking center stage in 2019.

INVESTING IN TALENTAs an organization takes on 2019 goals, it has to deal with various external changes and a good team can make all the difference. For talent to be nurtured, organizations must create an environment conducive to learning and growth. Some of the key pillars to building and investing in talent are:

Empower Through Learning – Learning can never stop, whether at a junior level or at a senior management level. Learning and development programs have to be designed such that, both the individual and organization grows.

Build a Happier Workforce – There are various ways to create a happy workforce. Studies have shown that happy employees are more aligned to the company’s objectives and add immense value to the growth of the company. Happy employees prove to have a higher retention rate and develop a stronger sense of ownership in the organization. The role of HR is to continuously listen to their employee’s needs, aspirations, and impediments to understand what will help these employees most.

Wellness – Employee wellness will take a new dimension in the coming year. Here the aim is to ensure a healthy & fit workforce. Research has proved that when employees are healthy, they are more efficient and more productive. Besides yoga and mindfulness sessions, nutrition-counseling sessions are also a part of a growing number of wellness programs. 
BRACING FOR DIVERSITY Workforce diversity will continue to be an important consideration in 2019. Setting the platform for freedom, empowerment with discipline and responsibility will be crucial. Also, as businesses continue to expand across various geographies, HR has to ensure that the diverse socio-economic and cultural aspects of the employees are seamlessly integrated within the organization.


Hiring will largely be driven by technology; recruitment through Artificial Intelligence will soon catch up. This, to a large extent will help reduce bias and make the recruitment process faster and more effective. Data from social media platforms will be increasingly used to profile candidates to understand their potential cultural fit. Most employee services will soon be driven by technology. Creating a ‘digitally aware’ workforce will be a key imperative for HR in the near future.





Cheers to a new year and another chance to get it right.

– Oprah Winfrey

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