Introducing A New Employee To Your Workforce

by Mike O'Neill

As an employer, you’ve probably struggled with introducing new employees to the workforce. Sometimes the introduction may go smoothly — which is what we all hope for. But, other times, the transition can be rocky. 

Adding new employees to the existing dynamic requires strategy. However, there are things that you can do to improve the chances of a successful transition of a new employee.

In this time of pandemic recovery, there are many employee transitions in every industry. Positions that never existed before have prompted many career and life changes. No organization is exempt from these changes, and introducing new employees to the existing workforce properly is beneficial to all.

Let’s discuss some tips and strategies for your introduction of the new employee.

How To Introduce A New Employee To The Workforce

As an owner or an executive, you invest a lot of time and resources into new employees. You want them to succeed. Whether your business is five people or 500, a proper introduction of a new employee can make all the difference in that employee’s success. 

A variable in the introduction of a new employee involves the circumstances that prompted an open position. 

For example:

  • Did the prior employee resign? 
  • Did they retire? 
  • How did that employee get along with co-workers?

If the prior employee did not have the best relationship with co-workers, your introduction would likely be easier. However, if the previous employee had strong bonds with co-workers, it will take extra effort to introduce the new employee to the workforce properly. 

So how do we introduce a new employee to the workforce properly? 

First and foremost, you need to make the new employee feel important. Everyone is nervous on their first day in a new position. So take the time to introduce the new employee to all of their co-workers. If your business has multiple sites, that may not be possible, but introducing them to whoever you can is ideal. 

Introducing a new employee properly to the workforce can give the new employee credibility as they enter the new workplace.

Tip #1: Prepare For Their First Day

 On a new employee’s first day, you want them to feel as welcome as possible. However, if they start their day by setting up their office and their workspace, it may make them feel less welcomed. So instead, be sure they have all the supplies they need, their technology set up, and give them simple things such as a work-ready space. 

Tip #2: Provide Training

Having a new employee learn on the job without adequate training is a surefire way for that employee to fail. If the employee fails, the organization suffers. Without proper training, the employee would have no idea if they met your standards or even went in the direction you want them to go. 

Tip #3: Small Team Gathering

That first day can be very intimidating, so anything you can do to provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere for the new employee is helpful. A good strategy is to gather everyone together for breakfast, midday break, or lunch. This break away from regular daily routines will allow everyone to introduce themselves and explain their roles in the organization. 

Tip #4: Introductory Team Exercise

If a new employee joins a small team, scheduling a fun introductory exercise for the team will help reduce some of the stress of change. Change is difficult for many. Supporting the whole team can make for a smooth transition into the workplace for the new employee. In turn, existing employees will be more welcoming. 

Tip #5: Introductory Email

Send an email to the organization introducing the new employee and identify their role. Often current employees will send a welcoming email in response. 

Tip #6: Staff Meetings

If you have staff meetings that include other groups of employees, it would be an excellent opportunity to introduce the new employee to other staff members in other departments.

Tip #7: Orientation & Onboarding

If you are hiring multiple employees, it may be worth considering having a complete orientation and more formal introduction for the entire group of new employees. When new employees are introduced to each other during orientation, it’s common for them to have small talk and get to know each other. This should foster a bond between the newbies that will carry over once formal introductions have been made with the rest of the team. New hires won’t feel so alone if group orientation happens. 

Tip#8: Cross-Training Sessions

Another way of having a new employee get to know the existing team is to sit side-by-side with each individual and learn more about their position. Not only does this strategy help them to get to know one another, but it also helps the new employee to understand their role in the organization as it relates to everyone else. In addition, this strategy will give the new employee a more overall understanding of the organization as a whole.

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